Shabnam Valaei

Founder and director of C House Interior, Shabnam graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Architecture from Toronto, Canada.

As a result of several great achievements on awarded complex projects during her study in architecture, she was appointed as a selected student after her graduation in 2010 by the university executive committee.

After 2 years of working with leading companies in the industry, Shabnam established her own company called, “Shanley Design” in 2012 in Toronto.

After several years of working with special clients to achieve many successful projects in Toronto, she finally immigrated to Iran from Canada in 2015 with the desire to share her talents and expertise with the people of her hometown. Thus, Shabnam with her passion for designing beautiful, functional, and complex spaces for Business and residential, established C-House in 2015.

At the present, Shabnam at C-House, in compliance with high quality and execution standards, is responsible for supervising the entire design processing of furniture production and interior design for her precious customers.

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